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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Nadi Pariksha Checkup Done

Table of content:

  • Introduction
  • What is Nadi Pariksha?
  • How is Nadi Pariksha done?
  • 5 Reasons to get your Nadi Pariksha done
  • Is Nadi Pariksha effective?
  • Nadi Pariksha camp for the wellness of people around you

Think about this-

If you have a headache, you cannot focus on anything

If you’re stressed, you’ll either eat too much or not at all

If you fall sick frequently, you have a long list of medical bills waiting ahead of you. 

And even though we hardly ever pay attention to these health issues, they are warning signs of our deteriorating health, hindering our ability to function every day. 

Ayurveda, our traditional healthcare system, has existed for more than 3000 years!

And, Nadi Pariksha is the ayurvedic, time-tested diagnosis technique that comes as a solution to treat various modern-day health problems in a non-invasive way. 

What is Nadi Pariksha?

Nadi Pariksha (Pulse Diagnosis) is a non-invasive, ancient diagnosis technique globally known for its effectiveness in identifying the present or potential illness in one’s body through pulse movements. It can accurately diagnose physical, mental and emotional imbalances as well as diseases. enables you to reach the root cause of health issues and not just address the symptoms.

How is Nadi Pariksha done?

According to Ayurveda, there are three body types of Doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Any diseases in one’s body are indicated as an imbalance of dosha. And, for the person to heal, their dosha has to be balanced. 

With Nadi Pariksha, Ayurvedic doctors can identify the person’s body type or Dosha Prakriti (Vata/Pitta/Kapha) and the imbalance(vikruti) in their mind & body. Nadi Pariksha can discern the pulse’s vibratory frequency at different points along the radial artery. Seven levels of subtle vibrations, read vertically and downward, assist in determining the different physical functions.

When the pulse is examined, both the patient’s physical and mental qualities are revealed. This is understood as symptoms and their prognosis, which aids in figuring out the cause. As a result, Nadi Pariksha serves as the foundation for treating any illness in a person.

5 Reasons To Get Your Nadi Pariksha Done

Know your body type 

Ayurveda identifies Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas as the three fundamental doshas. The balance between them is the key to good health. Ayurvedic doctors study for years to read your pulse movements, understand your routine and identify your body type to give you an effective treatment. 

Get a professional and accurate health diagnosis

Nadi Pariksha is an age-old science, and ayurvedic doctors with years of studies and practice perform your health diagnosis and give treatment that is safe, effective and helps you strengthen yourself for today and the future. 

Cure present diseases and prevent potential illnesses

Nadi Pariksha doesn’t just give insights into your present health conditions. It can also help you prevent future illnesses by giving the signs of potential diseases on the rise in your body. It helps you take treatments earlier and prevent the disease.

Get lifestyle and diet suggestions from the expert

Based on your body type and health diagnosis, the doctors will not only prescribe herbal effective medication, but they will also provide you suggestions on certain lifestyle or routine changes and changes you can bring into your diet. 

Medication delivered to your doorstep

Based on your diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe you effective herbal medication to balance your doshas and cure the diseases. You will not have to go anywhere to get these medicines. The team of volunteers will help you get the herbal medicines delivered to your doorstep. 

Is Nadi Pariksha effective?

One of Ayurveda’s eight procedures is Nadi Pariksha, or pulse diagnosis. 

With Nadi Pariksha, physical, mental, and emotional imbalances and illnesses can be detected precisely. It addresses the root cause of health problems rather than only treating the symptoms. You learn about the dosha imbalances that point to the development of the disease. 

So, yes, Nadi Pariksha is a  reliable technique for identifying the illness. 

Nadi Pariksha Camp for the wellness of people around you

Prakritik Lifestyles envisions a healthy and sustainable future with the power and practices of Ayurveda. With this vision in mind and as part of our wellness initiative, Prakritik Lifestyles organizes various Nadi Pariksha health camps in societies and corporate houses currently across Pune. 

How does it help?

With a Nadi Pariksha camp at your society or office, you, your family, neighbors, employees or colleagues, everyone can get a professional health checkup and treatment in their comfortable space without the need to go anywhere.

It makes it easier for everyone to ensure their wellness, get effective treatment and take a step ahead toward living a healthy and fulfilling life.

All we require is a desk at your premise and we’re all set to give you a health checkup like never before. 

Interested in organizing a camp at your office or society?

Contact us now!



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