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Adverse Effects Of Corporate Lifestyle On Mental Health And The Solution

The people who are in the mad rush today, increasing their wants senselessly, suppose that they are enhancing their importance and real knowledge. A day will come when they will exclaim, “What have we been doing?”

In a corporate workplace, people come from different family backgrounds, dreams, and expectations. Everyone is chasing their goals, and in this rush, we all sometimes forget to prioritize our health, especially mental health. 

Here are some of the adverse effects corporate lifestyle has on our mental health and how companies can support employees to handle them. 

How does corporate lifestyle impact mental health?

Stress and anxiety

Whether it’s because you’re working too much or because your job is just uninteresting, your office can be a very stressful place. Repetitive work can affect mental health and eventually result in burnout. Stress often also causes an increased substance Abuse and addiction 

Work-life balance

A poor work-life balance can impact employees’ mental health.In a rush of chasing their dreams and goals employees might start having mental health issues, like loneliness , Lack of sleep, depression, anxiety or burnout. Self-care is Important aspect of being in a corporate life. It is important to open up  and prioritize your health more than anything else. Put yourself first when you experience these symptoms.

Talking about your feelings

The traditional work culture rarely fosters communication between employees about sensitive topics.  The inability to talk about what one is going through or feeling can lead to feelings of loneliness and frustration and drain one mentally. 

Benefits of incorporating employee wellness programs

Get the best talent in your company

Employee-first approaches increase an organization’s appeal to young workers in a highly competitive job market. Inquiries concerning organizational culture are common during the hiring process. Companies that put  their employees first attract the best talent.

Boost motivation and creativity

Employee morale at a firm might go up or down depending on its working culture. Employees experience higher stress and problems when a company’s culture is unclear or inadequate, which impacts productivity.

People are more likely to have strong morale when they are satisfied with their work. A positive corporate culture can help workers feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. When employees are acknowledged their morale and creativity may be higher. 

How can one take care of their employees’ mental health?

Encourage communication

A workplace must have a relaxed environment where people may easily approach one another for work- and non-work-related discussions. Employee comfort at work can make the workplace more enjoyable by easing their concerns about being able to talk about anything with their management and coworkers.

Evaluate your employee perks and benefits

Factors such as time off regulations and Employee Assistance Programs should be taken into account from the standpoint of mental health. Evaluating and bringing helpful policies can offer a strong foundation of support so any employees dealing with mental health difficulties can receive the help they require. 

Prevent burnout

Employees who don’t receive support for their mental health are less productive. It causes burnout, particularly work burnout, in which people lose interest in their professions altogether. Recognize and appreciate employees’ efforts and ensure that their work doesn’t get repetitive and mundane. 

Arrange professional help

In an extremely busy corporate schedule, it often becomes difficult to make time for your health. Arranging a professional health checkup at your office can make it easier for your employees to keep their wellness in check and get effective treatment for their overall health problems without needing to go anywhere. 

Nadi Pariksha: An effective corporate wellness solution.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could know any existing health issues in your body and prevent the ones that may happen in the future?

Nadi Pariksha is a solution that makes it possible. 

Nadi Pariksha or Pulse Diagnosis is an age-old ayurvedic health diagnosis technique that enables one to reach the root cause of their physical, mental as well as emotional health issues.

An experienced professional Ayurvedic doctor reads your pulse, and based on the movements, they recognize the health issue. 

Now the interesting part is that with Nadi Pariksha, the doctor can not only identify the present disease but can also tell you if there’s a growing illness in your body that can affect you later in the future. 

Based on the diagnosis they recommend lifestyle changes and prescribe natural medicines that help you cure and prevent those diseases. 

Here’s what your employees get with a Nadi Pariksha camp-

  • A professional health checkup brought to their convenience. 
  • Best ayurvedic natural medicines delivered to their doorstep
  • Diet and lifestyle suggestions that will enhance your quality of life and make you healthier. 

Want to organize a camp at your office or society?

Prakritik Lifestyle is on a mission to promote good health and productivity at workplaces through this overall wellness initiative.

Organize a Nadi Pariksha camp at your office with us and experience healthcare like never before. 

Contact us at the number below, and we’ll help you with more information and the arrangement procedure for the camp.


Nearly 15% of working professionals have some kind of mental illness. Without adequate care, mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety can have an impact on a person’s sense of self-worth and identity at work, ability to perform productively, absenteeism, and ease of retaining or obtaining employment. 

Employers have a critical role in assisting their employees in forming healthy habits that will improve their physical and emotional well-being. Organizations and team leaders need to incorporate wellness programs and policies in their workplaces. Organizations that take care of their employee health and wellness contribute to a more effective workforce and a happier workplace.

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