About us

Welcome to Prakritik Lifestyles!

We’re the only reselling platform in India that is not just selling goods but working towards promoting a health-conscious and earth-positive lifestyle through Nadi Pariksha camps and our dedicated resellers, whom we like to call our Product Ambassadors.

Here’s how Prakritik Lifestyles help you earn:

  • Register: Create an account with prakritiklifestyles.com and become a part of a family that embodies the change they want to see.
  • Browse products: Go through the categories and products we host at sarvadhee.com. This will be your collective catalog to present to your potential customers.
  • Try before selling: Order and try our products before selling them to your customers to get a first-hand experience of their quality & value and sell better.
  • Organize a Nadi Pariksha camp: With us, help your customers get a professional health checkup and provide them medicines quickly and easily.
  • Select and share: Based on your customer’s interest and budget, select the products and share your dedicated product link with them
  • Earn: On purchases made through your link, earn commissions based on the latest profitable commission structures.
  • Check your progress: Monitor your growth on our easy interface, and keep improving it. You can easily find your earnings in your dashboard section which gets paid out monthly.
  • Ongoing support: We don’t just stop at giving you product suggestions. We make sure you are performing your best to earn your highest!

So, register now and get started with earning while maintaining a truly Prakritik Lifestyle.