What is Prakritik Lifestyles?

Prakritik lifestyles is India’s first offline and online affiliate portal giving people an opportunity to earn while making an earth positive impact. Simply put, Prakritik Lifestyles helps people resell products that are either organic, sustainable, eco friendly, or environmentally friendly. The reseller journey for such affiliates is easy and simple to ensure maximization of profits.

Prakritik Lifestyles is also one of the only single level marketing and sales platform that ensures that their offline and online affiliates are getting regular help and knowledge upgradation through their Wednesday Webinar program.

The Wednesday Webinar program is a 40 minute session every wednesday, focussed on tools, methods and hacks to increase and maximize sales and earnings.

How does the Prakritik Lifestyles affiliate portal work?

Prakritik Lifestyles is one of the only affiliate marketing platforms that works on a single portal. Once an affiliate lands on the site, they can register or log in. Once they successfully do so, they will be directed to their dashboard where they will be able to view all other transactions, customers, and earnings with complete transparency.

Selling is also very easy using the Prakritk Lifestyles affiliate portal. Once you click on Browse Products on the top center of the screen, you will be prompted to enter your affiliate ID. This ID can be easily found on your affiliate dashboard. Once you enter your id, you can share products from the list and the link will contain your affiliate code that will attribute all sales through that link to you.

What is the procedure to join Prakritik Lifestyles?

Prakritik Lifestyles is an every growing family of impactful individuals who wish to make an earth-positive earning. When you land on www.prakritiklifestyles.com, you will find a button that says “Become an affiliate” on the top right hand side. Click or tap on that button and you will be directed to a page that had a form that you need to fill. Entering complete and correct information is important to ensure that our relationship with you stays effective and transparent. Once you register, you will be prompted to log in. After that, on your profile page, you will find a button that says “bank details”. Enter your bank details to make sure your fortnightly commission payments find their way to you promptly.

Alternatively, you can follow the directions in this video Introduction to The New Prakritik Lifestyles Resellers Platform

How to get a Prakritik Lifestyles affiliate ID?

Your Prakritik Lifestyles affiliate ID is your ticket to ensuring that your commissions are coming straight to you. When you register on prakritklifestyles.com, you will be asked to log in. Log into your Prakritik Lifestyles account to view your affiliate dashboard.

This dashboard houses all your affiliate earning information from customers, to orders and sales. On the top right hand side, you will find your name. Next to your name, in brackets, you will find your Affiliate ID.

When you click on “Browse Products” to start selling, you will be prompted to enter your affiliate ID. Once you enter your ID, every product share link will contain that tag to your id.

5.How do I earn from the Prakritik Lifestyles affiliate program?

Unlike many other reseller platforms and multi-level marketing companies, earning from the prakritik lifestyles affiliate program is transparent and simple. By following these steps:

  • a.Log in to your Prakritik Lifestyles account
  • b.Click on “Browse Products”
  • c.Enter your Affiliate ID when prompted
  • d.Share products that you wish to sell. Your affiliate ID will be tagged in the link automatically
  • e.Keep checking the Marketing Tools tab in your dashboard regularly to get creatives and content that can help you sell better.
  • f.Check your dashboard to keep track of your growing earnings.