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How can you become a successful reseller with Prakritik Lifestyles?

How can you become a successful reseller with Prakritik Lifestyles?

The past two years haven’t been kind to the human race. The world seemed to come to a sudden pause with the coronavirus spreading across India, ravaging lives both financially and health-wise. Forced shut-downs became typical occurrences with many people across the country losing their only means of livelihood.

While some had the opportunity to work from home, there were other jobs that couldn’t afford the same luxury. So after two long years of fighting a stubborn virus and tolerating state-mandated restrictions, it was only time we as Indians found some form of relief to get out of the financial rut that so many of us had found ourselves in, through no fault of our own.

What if there was a way for common individuals to start their own business without spending a dime of their own money? What if you could open a new channel of income for yourself with just a smartphone and a good internet connection?

These were the commonly raised questions that finally led to the creation of Prakritik Lifestyles.

Introduction to Prakritik Lifestyles

Prakritik Lifestyles is essentially an online marketplace for organic products, which can be sold by you as a registered reseller via your own social media network to earn a good commission. Although there are several marketplaces like it in India, Prakritik Lifestyles quickly distinguishes itself as one of the best and most lucrative of the bunch because of one major reason… its massive catalog of organic products coming from some of the biggest companies in India.

Prakritik Lifestyles is home to completely organic products, whose demand is at an all-time high due to recent circumstances pertaining to the pandemic. As such, Prakritik Lifestyle serves two key purposes. Not only is it a great way to earn a decent income with no investment, but it also presents you with an opportunity to sell health products that aim to holistically improve lives and promote optimal wellness.

In other words, with Prakritik Lifestyles we found a way for people to support themselves by becoming resellers while simultaneously providing customers with the products they need to better cope with the Covid19 pandemic.

How Can You Become a Reseller with Prakritik Lifestyles?

It is extremely simple to become a reseller with Prakritik Lifestyles. All you need is a smartphone, a good internet connection, and the will to run your own small enterprise.

1. Register

To begin with, you’ll have to first register yourself by creating an account with us. Simply click ‘Register Now’ and proceed to fill in the required details to open your Prakritik lifestyles reseller account.

2. Browse

Once registered, explore our catalog of organic products and choose the ones that you would like to promote and sell.

3. Share

To find buyers for the product you wish to sell, we recommend promoting Prakritik Lifestyles’ products on platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram with your family and friends. To reach out to more prospects, you can also try joining specific Facebook and Whatsapp groups online.

4. Earn

You will start earning a commission for every product sold via your registered account. The more the sales, the higher will be your commission or sales bonus. Do not forget to add your bank account details when creating your reseller profile to start receiving commissions on your sales. Rest assured, you can expect a consistent commission payout every 15 days.

Finding Success on Prakritik Lifestyles and Making India Healthier

Prakritik Lifestyles was founded with the noble intention of helping people find reprieve from their financial problems while serenading the population with quality organic products, which was the need of the hour. Each individual that decides to become a reseller with us, helps Prakritik Lifestyles achieve that goal.

Prakritik Lifestyles can turn out to be a stable source of income for you, hardly demanding your time and requiring no investment. At the same time, you have the opportunity to sell products that can help people become healthier, both physically and mentally.

As you can see, becoming a reseller with us is as easy as a walk in the park. All you have to do is simply follow the above few steps and become an entrepreneur that promotes optimal well-being of the mind, body, and soul.

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