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Do Affiliate Websites Make Money?

Simply put, yes! Affiliate websites and affiliate marketing businesses, in general, make money. How do we know that? We have a ton of affiliates who are making a steady side income for themselves by just putting in a few hours a day.

What is Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing is basically an act of sharing information about a business or a product for a transfer price or commission. It has been around since the advent of ecommerce, and gotten more and more aggressive since social media and social selling became a norm.

Affiliate marketing involves signing up with a business, finalizing the terms, and sharing information about their products or services in your network. Based on tracking parameters that they may have set in place, each conversion or sale will fetch the affiliate marketer a commission. This commission could be a fixed amount or a percentage based on the business and the ticket value.

There are two main types of tracking parameters that are used to attribute a sale to an affiliate in the online realm:

1.   UTM: The Urchin Tracking Method is a tag with specific formatted attributes entered as an addition to the url of the page where the sale will take place. Through Google analytics, the sale is then attributed to the affiliate whose UTM the buyer landed on the web page.

2.   Cookies: Some affiliate programs (like follow the cooking tracking method. This allows the dependency on long link suffixes to be brought down to the bare minimum. A simple cookie code is added at the tail end of the link (Prakritik Lifestyles has made that process as easy and automated as possible), and the visit, sale, conversion etc can be monitored and analysed on an easy to use dashboard.

Both methods are successful and have been used to make sure the money is attributed to the right affiliates.

Be it using coupon codes, social selling, network optimization or any other method, affiliate marketers and affiliate marketing websites continue to snowball their income. All over the world, affiliate marketers are making over  $1000 a month just from affiliate marketing.

You can google the best affiliate marketing sites and join the ones that you are comfortable with. However, you will find that is the only one that has an affiliate-first UI and UX. Try it out!

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