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How to Start Affiliate Marketing as a Beginner?

If you are starting with affiliate marketing in 2022, don’t worry you have not missed the boat! No matter how old you are, if you are interested in adding a semi-passive income for yourself with your basic technology knowledge, affiliate marketing is the right way to go.

Follow these steps to become a successful affiliate marketer with Prakritik Lifestyles

1.       Visit the website: It is always advisable to go through a website before you create an account. This ensures that you are well-educated about the processes followed. You can visit and go through the site content to familiarize yourself with it.

2.       Register as an Affiliate: Clicking on the “Register as an Affiliate” button on the header will lead you to a page where you will need to enter all your details. These details need to be accurate so that the site can serve and help you best. Once you account is created you will need to log in, and will be led to your affiliate dashboard. This dashboard has you affiliate ID next to your name on the top right side of the page.

3.       Browse Products: Once you have registered, you can click on “Browse products” button. When the page opens, the site will prompt you to enter your affiliate ID. Make sure you enter the right ID as this will make the next steps easier. Once entered, you can browse through products based on categories. You can see the individual commission on each product as well, so that you can decide if that’s the product you want to share with your network.

4.       Choose and Share: When you find a product you would like to share, click on the share button under the details of the product. Note that your affiliate ID cookie will be added to your link automatically. You can directly share the product on whatsapp, facebook, linkedIn etc.

5.       Earn Easily: Whenever someone visits any page of through your ID tagged link, any purchase they do will be attributed to you, and the commission will be reflected in your dashboard.

Tips to earn more

Ø  Be consistent with social media sharing

Ø  Engage with people’s posts. Encouraging and helping others will help you

Ø  Explore more and more platforms that help you connect with a better target of people

Ø  Share products based on the audience need

Ø  Add a personal touch whenever you share product links. The caption can be what you want it to be, don’t forget to use that well!

Following these steps and tips will help you start and grow your affiliate marketing based side-hustle earning. Share with us which tip worked more for you, and feel free to add more findings and tips for other users in the comments section!

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